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Where Wanders Are Found
Not all journeys are counted in miles. Not all destinations have a place on a map. Our spa is a welcoming oasis for those travelers on a deeper and more spiritual search for self. From our treatments to our atmosphere, every element of our spa lets guests disconnect from the world and reconnect with their inner self. We serve as the gentle guide who helps each guest navigate their own quest of spiritual and physical healing. Whether their first visit or their tenth, we deliver each gentle step with reverence.
Featured Treatment
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    ​​​​​​​Mission Inspired Body Balance 

    Revitalize from head to toe after everyday exposure to the elements with this warm shea butter, lotus, and CBD wrap from Antara that nourishes the body and the mind.  Invigorate and replenish the skin and invite harmony to the mind with a luxurious sugar, salt, shea, and CBD body polish. The, soothing arnica and CBD infused oil is applied in long strokes for impeccable, glowing skin. Energize and revitalize the scalp with a warm infusion of CBD, Icelandic moss and coconut oil. Gentle rhythmic massage is used in combination with the warm oil to relax, ease muscle tension, and stimulate circulation.

Spa Dining
Spa Dining
Fresh, Healthy & Balanced
The Spa at the Mission offers contemporary dining with a healthy focus in a restorative setting. The menu is designed to deliver balanced, nutritious, spirit-satisfying meals made from fresh Southern California ingredients.